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tudied at Rome University from 1978 – 1984 where he successfully graduated with a doctorate in Architecture and obtained all relevant qualifications as an Architect. He then registered as a member of the Architects of Rome Association in 1985 with license No. 7298. Once graduated he put his educational skills to the test and began to work as an assistant to a renowned Italian Architect in Rome by the name of Giorgio Pes and his firm Pes International. Paolo Leofreddi's work involved assisting and coordinating several projects on behalf of Pes International throughout Italy.


From 1987 – 1989 Paolo became a freelance architect following his instinct to broaden his horizons which led him to work on several executions of projects within Italy. This later led to a permanent position in 1989 -1991 where he was employed by Design 2000 International as an architect and was based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to follow through and act as project manager for a project on a private villa. His need for constant challenge was satisfied with the opportunity to relocate to Saudi Arabia where he established himself in Jeddah since 1991 as an architect and has had the chance to design and execute many projects ranging from private villas & palaces to showrooms, restaurants, beach resorts & commercial buildings.

Paolo Leofreddi


Throughout these years Paolo has worked extensively and it is evident that he has matured and grown in his experience in this field. This is reflected by an overwhelming demand for his creative ideas resulting in quite an impressive portfolio. Paolo’s public relations skills have developed immensely due to the constant contact with some of the leading local companies as well as International supplier which are crucial for the development and execution of his projects.


Paolo Leofreddi’s rich experience led him to establish his own architect firm in 2006 sponsored by Summit International Commerce & Business Development Co. Under his creative leadership, Linea Progetti Architects has built its own reputation & trust in designing a wide range of private villas, commercial buildings & interiors. The cultural influence of Middle East has helped in further enhancing & enriching his imagination in the filed of architecture & interior design.


As an external consultant Arch. Paolo Leofreddi has collaborated on a large scale with local leading companies such as Alarabi Decorations, Innovators Consulting Engineering. Further to his achievements he has on several occasion held lectures on Interior design and Architectural styles at the request of the Saudi Umran Society of Jeddah. Furthermore, Arch. Paolo recently joined the Saudi Council of Engineers as an architectural consultant.


His team mainly consists of qualified engineers, interior designers & office coordinators along with other office assistants & ACAD operators. Linea Progetti Architects also collaborates with external engineering consultancy firms to develop all drawings required for a project.

Today, Linea Progetti architects manages different aspects of a project,  including architectural, interior design, consulting, and material supply etc... In Saudi Arabia and internationally.